ISAD 5th Biennal Conference

Friday, 12 February 2010

Recebi divulgação da quinta conferência bienal do The International Society for Affective Disorders (ISAD), Affective Disorders: Addressing the Personal and Societal Burden, que agora partilho com quem mais estiver interessado.

April 16-19, 2010 • Vancouver, Canada


Predictors, moderators, and mediators of symptom improvement in major depressive disorder
- Chair: G. Papakostas, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

CANMAT: Managing depression in the bipolar and unipolar patient: Evidence based approaches from CANMAT guidelines
- Chair: S. Kennedy, University Health Network, Canada

Cognitive and temperamental vulnerability to depression
- Chairs: C. Kuehner, Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany and J. Ormel, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

The International Society for Bipolar Disorders - Bipolar Disorder: New directions in assessment and management
- Chair: L. Yatham, University Health Network, Canada

Diet and nutrition: A new perspective in psychiatry
- Chair: F. Gomez-Pinilla, University of California, USA

Depression in primary care
- Chair: A. Tylee, Kings College London, UK

Meeting the challenge of resistant depression
- Chair: B. Lerer, Hebrew University Medical Center, Israel

New trends in bipolar disorders research
- Chair: M. Preisig, University Hospital Center and University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Psychosocial interventions in bipolar disorder: Theory, evidence base, prevention and management of comorbidity
- Chair: R. Morriss, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Screening for bipolar disorder: How useful are currently available instruments and what do they tell us about the nosology and epidemiology of mood disorders?
- Chair: A. Young, University of British Columbia, Canada

Oxidative biology in psychiatric disorders: Novel mechanism of disease and novel therapeutic opportunities
- Chair: T. Young, University of British Columbia, Canada

Creating HOPE: Health through Online and Offline Peer support and Education
- Chair: S. Tse, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Pierre Blier University of Ottawa, Canada
- New developments in the rational site-directed pharmacotherapy of depression

Martin Knapp London School of Economics, UK
- Economics: Friend or foe?

Myrna Weissman Columbia University, USA
- Depression in families: What we have learned and how we can help

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